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Visiting Byron Bay Can Be Habit Forming

As many people have found, visiting Byron Bay can be addictive.
The addiction seem to manifest itself in two forms, or 'stages 1 and 2'

  • Stage 1 Addiction
    Stage 1 addiction causes the victim to crave returning to Byron Bay for their annual holidays, year after year. This can become a long term problem and it has been reported that some people have been visiting Byron Bay annually for 25 to 30 years. Even though this in itself is tragic, it is even more tragic that this addiction can be hereditary and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Symptoms of impending 'Byronian Addiction' include:

Changes in thought patterns, including thoughts like, "I'll do it tomorrow." Statements like, "I only use Byron Bay recreationally." (a really bad sign) The desire to no longer wear shoes. The desire (in males) to wear their hair in a "Pony Tail".

The only known cure for stage 1 'Byronian Addiction' is to provide the victim with brochures showing other holiday destinations. Though this strategy has been successful in some cases, in the majority of cases, it fails.


The "Pony Tail" urge is an indication of imminent Stage 2 addiction.

Stage 2 Addiction
WARNING. Stage 2 'Byronian Addiction' can be terminal.

Stage 2 results in the victim "living in" Byron Bay. Indeed, there have been many people that have visited Byron Bay and have never gone home. Stage 2 Byronianism is not always preceded by Stage 1. Some people have used Byron Bay recreationally only once and have immediately become stage 2 victims. Stage 2 victims often live in denial of their dependence and call themselves 'locals'. Suffers also develop a 'time distortion' and operate on 'Byron Bay' time. 'Byron Bay' time has absolutely no relationship with 'real' time.

There is no 'cure' for stage 2 Byronianism, only treatment. Many people have tried to go 'cold turkey' and have moved out of Byron Bay. This usually results in high levels of anguish and frustration and the victim often 'falls off the wagon' and returns to Byron Bay. This affliction is considered to be a terminal condition as many Stage 2 victims 'die of old age' in Byron Bay.

The Byronianism phenomena has been well documented (please click here to find out more) It is believed by some that the TV program, Northern Exposure, and its town, Sicily, in Alaska is, in reality, a parody of life in Byron Bay


Byronianizm is an insidious affliction in that the victim often does not realise that they are 'hooked'. All that the sufferer knows is that going to Byron Bay causes them great pleasure and satisfaction. They have a feeling of well being, even euphoria, and are oblivious to the danger. The only hint that one has been 'hooked' is that some people complain of facial pain. This discomfort is the result of smiling continually for a long period of time. The victim really just not realise that they are in grave danger of dying in Byron Bay at the age of 90 - 95 years

If you feel that you are already a victim of Byronianism
or if you would like to know more about this terrible condition
send E-mail to:
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